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Pacific and asian plates

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The Pacific Plate is a massive tectonic plate lying underneath the Pacific Ocean, and the largest oceanic plate of the planet.

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But strangely enough, hundreds of millions of people live in this area, and some of the most densely-packed cities in the world have been built atop its shaky faults.

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Geological setting[ edit ] A separate terrane with its own tectonic history, the Caroline Plate has been considered part of the Pacific Plate because of sparse seismicity and low velocities along its boundaries.

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The western side, the plate is bounded by the Okhotsk Plate at the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench and the Japan Trenchforms a convergent boundary by subducting under the Philippine Sea Plate creating the Mariana Trenchhas a transform boundary with the Caroline Plateand has a collision boundary with the North Bismarck Plate, Pacific and asian plates.

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Plate Boundaries:

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